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How can Zzjimi help you today?

We are a search and matching site, promoting activities and events which may interest individuals feeling lonely, isolated, facing other life challenges or ANYONE wanting to try something NEW or learn NEW skills. 

Those keen to pursue ANY activity, attend an event, or who have extra time on their hands and want to make a difference in their community can find a range of exciting opportunities to volunteer, fundraise or try on Zzjimi.  Because we support all types of organisations to promote their events, we can provide the greatest choice and range of potential activities or events for you, all 'under one roof' and matched to your individual circumstances or needs. 

 Account registration is FREE and provides personalised matching and additional unique benefits for the individual.  

Zzjimi is a Hub for Charity, Fundraising, Volunteering, Community and Not for Profit organisations, but we also offer any commercial organisation the opportuntiy to promote their events and activities for FREE too. Our diverse range of categories, registration benefits and particular focus on our user's needs, enables Organisers to attract well-matched participants.   

Registering an Organiser account and uploadiong standard listings are FREE.  

Whatever your dreams... pursuing a new activity or interest, Volunteering, Fundraising or Posting your own Event - let Zzjimi give you a helping hand and point you in your chosen direction...

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